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We are still finishing up on the little things around the cabin. My biggest mistake was getting things "livable" so we could use it this past season. Now it's more difficult to finish stuff, and there is less incentive. Besides, it was hot & sunny all summer and the lake was right there calling to me! Can you say "procrastinate"?

We received our final erosion inspection this past April, which was great because that meant our bond was also released. As luck would have it the bond and our first half taxes were close, so the County was able to just keep what they needed and return the rest to us.

I got the bulkhead at the beach completed. I used rip-rap rock and cemented them in place over a 4"X12" footer that is about one foot below the waterline. It's not going anywhere! I also built a firepit using decorative block with a galvanized ring as a liner. Barb enjoyed our trip to Key West a couple years ago, so I also added several tons of white sand to the now protected beach area, and some hardy banana trees. It's on it's way to becoming "Cabin Key".

We have had a little trouble with getting our screens installed this year. They are Jeld-Wen units provided by Blue Ridge Log Cabins. I tried installing them but they didn't fit quite right. The tech from BRLC made a service call and got them to go in, but he had to bow them out a little to install them. They don't sit flat, but he said that was normal. I was short-shipped two screens when the cabin was delivered so he said he would get them out to me right away. That was on April 15th and as of today, October 27, we still don't have screens. They've been forgotten about, misplaced and lost in shipping. Supposedly now they're coming from the manufacturer. BRLC really disappointed me on this one. You'd think after the initial error it would be a priority to get these to me, but apparently it wasn't.

I installed the handrail in the stairwell to the basement. Fun with a chalkline! I also started installing the insulation to the basement. I can be a little OCD at times (which totally conflicts with my procrastnation!) so I've been taking the time to run caulk around the sillplate and use spray foam to fill any voids where plumbing/electrical work went through. The caulk is overkill, but I figured it's not that much money to do now, so why not. That brings me up to date from the summer.

This fall's work features a water softener & a backwashing whole house filter. I also have to finish the basement insulation, install gutters and finish some odds and ends poly work inside. Oh, and I have to ammend the soil near the driveway for our little orchard trees and blueberry bushes. And build those benches that I promised for the firepit. And install deck drain panels under the deck. And....

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