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With all the choices facing you as you plan your log home, the most important ones will determine your home’s look and layout. Advances in design and engineering in the past quarter-century have opened up plenty of possibilities.


Time was, you wanted a log home, you built it out of logs and that was that. Nowadays, you’re likely to see as much glass and stone as logs. The broader definition of “log home” even encompasses homes that may have few logs, and none of them structural. “I don’t care whether I sell my logs all together or one at a time,” one log-home company owner commented about changing consumer preferences, “just so long as I’m selling logs.”


The implication of this updated attitude is that consumers are in command. The choice is yours. Anything you want, someone will gladly accommodate you. So, if you’re nurturing a dream for a home that doesn’t conform to any of those you see in the log-home magazines or on log-home companies’ websites, you aren’t confined to convention. You’re limited only by your imagination and the law of gravity.


Instead of accepting what you see, first choose what you really want and then find someone who’ll deliver it. The result will be a home that’s uniquely yours.

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