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Room Remodeling: 4 Tips to Revamping Your Master Bedroom

The home is such a special place. It’s the one place where you can be completely vulnerable, let your hair down and get completely comfortable. It’s also the place that you can customize and make your own. Your home decor communicates your mood, personality and overall vibe. To take it a step further, your bedroom is your safe place. It needs to be a space of supreme relaxation since it’s the place where you’ll be getting your beauty sleep. In order to revamp your master bedroom, consider these options.

Add Trim to the Walls

Many people use crown molding in areas such as the dining room and the foyer. However, you can also use crown molding as a statement on one of the walls in the room. You can also choose to install trim on all of the walls in the bedroom. It adds a bit of depth and dimension. Add paint to the equation and you’ll have a transformed room.

Decorate the Ceiling

Many people don’t consider this option, but the ceiling is a space you can paint. There are a few options you can consider. You can paint it a bold color for a fun surprise when you look up. You can also find a beautifully ornate wallpaper and apply it to the ceiling. It’s also a great idea to purchase silk cloth banners and hang them from the ceiling. More than likely, you’ll need a ladder and an extra set of hands for these types of projects, but the payoff is worth it.

Install Window Treatments

As you install window treatments, consider different styles of blinds, shutters and curtains. Take a look at a few window valance treatments and think about trying that option. Your window valance doesn’t have to be in a regular cotton fabric either. You can opt for a wooden valance or one made from burlap material. One of the important tips to remember involves natural light. You always want to make sure that your window treatments still give you easy access to natural light. After all, Vitamin D does wonders for a person’s spirit and it highlights beautiful decor.

Purchase New Furniture

New furniture is always great because it’s nice to switch things up and experience a reset. Take a look at some of the popular trends in bedroom furniture and infuse your own style. Tufted headboards, plush mattresses and distressed dressers are guaranteed ways to add beauty to your bedroom.

You might decide that you only want to complete one or two of these options. Even after doing one of these projects, you’ll breathe new life into your bedroom. Just be prepared because once you complete the first project, chances are you’ll want to keep going!

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