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Septic Problems: 5 Signs You Need to Call a Professional

One of the advantages of having a septic tank is that you will not have to pay money associated with city sewer fees. However, in order to ensure that the system operates properly at all times, you will have to request septic tank maintenance service regularly. There will also be times when you need emergency services. If you are to know when to call a professional, here are some signs to look for.


Disgusting Odors

In case you notice any disgusting odors coming from your septic tank, you should call a professional. In most cases, a septic tank will smell as it gets full. Such odors will cover both the inside and outside of your home, compromising the comfort you enjoy while at home. Calling a professional to diagnose and correct the problem will ensure that the tank is cleaned before the problem worsens.


Unexplained Dry or Healthy Grass

Unexplained dry or healthy grass around your septic tank could be an indication of water leaking. This is why you should have a professional inspection when this happens. An inspection will not only help to identify the nature and extent of the problem but will also make it possible to determine whether you will need to purchase and install a new tank.


Slow Drainage

Whenever your septic tank is functioning properly, water will flow effortlessly through the drains and into the tank. This is why any sign of slow drainage could be an indication that the system needs professional servicing. By requesting reliable septic tank services you will have the assurance that your emergency situation will be handled in good time.


Backed-up Sewage

According to Mid Florida Septic, a company that specializes in septic tank services in Minneola, FL, one of the biggest inconveniences you will experience when your septic tank has a problem is backed-up sewage. If the tank happens to be too full or has not been cleaned for a period of time, sewage may flow back through the pipes and come up into the drains, sinks and toilets in your home. You may also experience slow flushing with your toilet.


Patches of Standing Water

You should call the experts immediately you notice patches of standing water near your septic tank. This is not only a clear sign of something wrong with the system but could also pose a health hazard. That is why the problem should be addressed immediately.


There are many more signs that will help you identify possible septic tank problems. When you experience issues such as pipe gurgling sounds and toilet flushing issues, you should consider requesting professional help.

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