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Setting up for Spring: 5 Things to Do Around the House Before It Gets Warm

Toward the end of winter, you can begin to prepare your home for warmer spring weather. By getting started on these tasks before spring arrives, you are ready to go outside rather than remaining inside your home while cleaning or completing repairs.

Organizing Your Home’s Kitchen

The last few days of winter are the perfect time for organizing your home’s kitchen. You may have stuffed your kitchen cabinets full of nonperishable foods, but by removing all of the cans, boxes and bags, you can check the expiration dates on items to avoid wasting anything. Before placing the foodstuffs back into the cabinets, scrub the cabinet’s shelves and doors to remove a buildup of debris. After cleaning the interior surfaces of the kitchen cabinets, sanitize the outer surfaces along with the kitchen’s countertops.

Checking Your Home’s Air Conditioner

As it gets warmer in the spring, you will want to use your home’s air conditioner. Make sure to check an air conditioner’s interior and exterior components to verify that it is working optimally. You may need to change an air conditioner’s filter so that you have clean climate-controlled air that doesn’t have a foul odor. If you notice any problems with an air conditioner, then call a professional technician who can complete a repair.

Washing Your Home’s Drapes

In the spring, you will want to open the windows of your home, but the drapes over your windows are probably filled with debris. The last few days of winter are the perfect time for taking down lightweight curtains and heavy drapes so that you can wash the items. While you have the drapes and curtains removed from the curtain rods, you can also wash the interior windowpanes and windowsills so that you have beautiful window glass to look through.

Shampooing Your Home’s Carpets

You can rent a carpet shampooer at a local store so that you can sanitize your home’s carpets before spring arrives. First, use a special cleanser or deodorizer to remove stains and odors from the carpets. Shampooing your home’s carpets can take all day because you need to move furniture from one area of a room to another, but when you have the chore completed, you will have a home that is cleaner.

Exterminating Your Home’s Pests

Pests may have entered your home in the winter, and you will want to eliminate any spiders, rodents or insects by cleaning your home thoroughly. You can also perform do-it-yourself pest control by buying houseplants that repel insects or by spraying certain types of essential oils on the baseboards of each room. You can also seal the holes and crevices in a home with liquid caulking to keep new pests from entering. If you think you might have a more serious problem, call a professional like Fowler Pest Control or someone similar.

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