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Shingle Problems: 4 Major Signs Your Home Needs Roof Repair

If you notice that your roof is starting to leak, that is a sure sign that you need to replace it. However, you may see other signs prior to a leak that may mean that its time to call a roofing professional right away. Let’s take a look at some of those signs and what they mean.


Shingles Are Blowing off of the House

Asphalt shingles have a useful life of about 20 years. Over that period of time, they are exposed to wind, rain and other elements, and those elements could cause a shingle to become brittle or to curl up. Eventually, this will make them vulnerable to being taken off the roof by even a small gust of wind. If you notice one of more of them in the yard or in the driveway, it is time to replace them as soon as possible.


The Gutter Is Pulling Away from the Roof

If the gutter pulls away from the roof, it could result in water not being properly funneled away from the home. In some cases, the excess water will be absorbed by the shingles themselves or by the decking underneath the shingle. Over time, this moisture could cause weakness in the decking and make it a prime spot for pests to congregate.


You See Signs of Pest Damage

Pests could take a number of actions once they get onto your roof such as eat away at roof decking or make nests in the eaves underneath it. In some cases, they will make their way into the attic, and you might be able to hear them running, flying or otherwise making noise in that part of the house.


The Roof Is Starting to Sag

If the roof looks like it is drooping or sagging, you should call for roofing replacement services immediately. Unless you take steps to remedy the problem immediately, the entire structure could collapse without much warning. Walls that are starting to crack can be another sign that you could be in serious danger if you don’t fix the roof immediately.


Without a quality roof, you can’t guarantee that you or your family will be safe living in your home. Therefore, be sure to call for help with your roofing replacement at the earliest sign of a problem. By calling as soon as a problem develops, there is a good chance that it will be both easy and relatively inexpensive to fix.

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