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Should you buy a used log home instead?

Buying a used log home doesn’t mean furnishing it from scratch!

Discounting cost, the easiest thing for a potential log-home owner to do when building from scratch is plan living space. Not enough room for what you want? Change dimensions, bump out a wall, add a room above the garage, move visitors to a guest wing.

But how many of us who are lusting for logs can truly discount cost? Maybe the smartest thing we can do is back up a truck to the door, load our accumulated treasures, and move on down the road to love logs that were once somebody else’s scratch plan.

Used log homes are increasingly on the market.

It’s new log homes that are lacking. According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, in recent years somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 percent of home sales were new construction of all types.

But as Ron Silliboy of Ward Cedar Log Homes observed in his recent blog, of the nearly 1 million times ground was broken last year to build new homes, fewer than 25,000 were log homes.

There has been a real contraction in business (and not just in the log world), which has resulted new business models that have caused manufacturer and consumer alike to take a fresh approach.

It could easily be argued that it’s also a smarter approach.

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