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If you’re in a post-holiday slump, one way to lift your spirits is to attend a log-home show. The 2013 show season is just getting under way, with shows being held all across the United States through next fall. Click here for a current schedule of upcoming shows.


Each show is different, yet all can help you move closer to owning a log home. If nothing else, they prepare you for what lies ahead along the path from dream to reality.


As informative and inspirational as shows can be, don’t be surprised or discouraged if a show confuses you. After all, there’s a lot of new terminology and technology to comprehend in just one day or even one weekend. “Confusion,” historian Norman Cantor observed, “is the beginning of wisdom.” Regard log-home shows as places to grow abundantly wise.


Opportunities abound to ask questions, make comparisons and examine different log styles up close. You’ll also see hundreds of other people who share your goal of owning a log home.


Remember, though, that the shows are a sales environment. Companies exhibiting there all believe their products and way of doing business — from designing your home to cutting, fitting and delivering the logs — are the best. They hope you’ll agree so they can establish a relationship with you that leads to your buying your log home from them.


What perplexes people is that each company’s best seems different from the others. These differences actually improve the likelihood that one company will be right for you. So, take your time finding one that makes the most sense for you.


Sadly, not everyone leaves shows satisfied. Some gripe before they even enter at having to pay admission. Look, log-home shows aren’t the Costco toothpick buffet. If your aim is to discuss making your log home happen with someone who’ll take you seriously, you don’t want freebie families clogging the aisles with random purposelessness. You aren’t paying to get in so much as to keep them out. The result is that everyone at the show — buyers and sellers — can concentrate on log homes.


Some folks complain because a company they expected to be there isn’t. Maybe the company doesn’t market in that area or needed a break from traveling. The shows can’t compel companies to exhibit. Get over your disappointment and spend time visiting companies that do exhibit. You never know what might turn up.


Besides talking with exhibitors, sit in on free informational sessions. Topics cover fundamental log-home principles of design and construction, financing and maintenance. All the speakers are experts in their fields and use visual aids. If nothing else, they’ll clear up some of your confusion so you’ll leave wiser and in better spirits than when you came.

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Comment by James W. Harbin on January 24, 2013 at 1:25pm
It's about the Dream! Twenty seven years ago all we had was Log Home Living Magazine. Now, we have endless resources that save us time and money on our journey to log home ownership. There's no such thing as too much informationn
Comment by william Perry on January 11, 2013 at 10:31am
looks like I will not make show this year none near NC or Va

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