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Smart Home: Stunning Features in Modern-day Architecture

The modern architectural and design style is quickly becoming the go-to choice for anyone looking to buy or build a new home. Modern architecture is popular because its minimalistic style creates uniquely beautiful homes that are also extremely practical. These are the four most stunning features found in modern-day architecture.

Hidden Home Automation

Smart home automation technology is a huge part of modern-day architecture because it allows you to control the entire home with your smartphone or tablet. This technology is hidden behind the walls and outlets, so you never have to worry about any gaudy devices hanging on the walls. Downloading a special app lets you control the thermostat, lights, security cameras and appliances from any location. You can even play your favorites songs over the built-in Bluetooth speakers directly from your phone.

Glass Bi-Fold Doors

While bi-fold doors have been used on closets for decades, they are now being used on internal walls. Glass architectural bi-fold doors, like those offered by Nu-Look Glass & Aluminium Windows, are a great option on a wall that overlooks the backyard or a balcony. You get a great view when the doors are closed, but can also quickly create a huge alfresco living and dining space by opening up the doors. Since the doors fold, they will not take up much space when opened.

Open Floor Concepts

The open floor concept is one of the primary characteristics of modern home design. The days of separate closed off rooms are over. They are being replaced with one large open floor that contains the dining, living and kitchen space with very few walls. You will be stunned by how this simple design can make a small room look extremely spacious. The open floor concept is often combined with large vaulted ceilings to make the space feel even bigger.

Gourmet Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important room in the house for someone looking to buy a new home. A home buyer is even willing to make a few sacrifices if they can get the kitchen of their dreams. Modern architects are using this information to their advantage as they create stunning gourmet kitchens. Seeing the large cabinets, beautiful counters and state-of-art appliances in a modern gourmet kitchen can make you feel like you are in a five-star restaurant.

Technology and design have transformed over the years, so it only makes sense to implement these changes into modern architecture. Adapting to changing preferences is the only way to stay current, and that is exactly what modern architecture is doing. It will not be long before these four stunning features are a part of every new home.

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