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Smart Home Wizard: How to Optimize Your Home Automation System

A smart home automation provides many obvious and not-so-obvious benefits to homeowners. It can reduce the amount of time a homeowner wastes manually performing tasks like setting and resetting the thermostat to control room temperature or turning on and off nighttime outdoor security lights. It can also automatically detect system errors, repair issues and alert a homeowner to problems.

Yet a home automation system can only provide these benefits if you have it set up and maintained in the best possible ways.

Link It to Everything

Many homeowners install a home automation system that only performs tasks related to a few areas of the home even though they own a wide variety of other systems that they can link to it. For example, if your home automation system only addresses schedule- and sensor-related changes in heating, cooling and lighting, consider attaching an outdoor landscape sprinkler or garden irrigation system and interior/exterior security monitoring to it. You should also consider adding any smart appliances that you own to it that you can adjust remotely like stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers.

Add Remote Access Tools

A truly optimized home automation system never requires that you be at home to use it. Instead, you can use an app on your smartphone, laptop or other portable device to remotely access the system. Remote access allows you to make last minute changes to scheduled tasks, monitor a babysitter or elderly parent through security cameras and shut off an appliance like a stove that you forgot to turn off as you rushed out the door on your way to work. Best yet, your home automation system can alert you to emergencies, including fires, pipe leaks, elder falls and break-ins.

Hire a Home Automation Expert

Contact an electronics repair company like Contec Direct to perform a thorough inspection of your specific brand and model of home automation system. An electronics repair professional with home automation system experience can make hardware and software upgrade suggestions and perform the upgrades that fit your needs. An experienced tech can also clean the system, swap out outdated or damaged parts and debug or replace the software so that the entire system works more efficiently.

You do not need to be a smart home expert to make the changes outlined in our tips. You only need to make a small investment now to save a lot of time and money as you use your automation system through the years.

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