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Snow Worries: What Your House Needs to Survive Winter Weather

The holiday season is almost upon us and that means that there’s something else that’s on the way—winter. Whether you love it or you hate it, you still have to prepare for it. This is especially true when it comes to preparing your home. There are many things, a few are listed below, that your house will need to survive the winter weather.

Furnace Maintenance

One of the first things your house will need to survive winter weather is a thorough inspection of its furnace. Your furnace has been sitting dormant all year. Even though you haven’t been using it regularly, it is still susceptible to dust buildup, wire degradation, and other miscellaneous issues. These small issues will cause you big problems when the first night of cold weather rolls in and your furnace isn’t blowing hot air into your home. Calling a furnace repair specialist for a routine inspection is the best way to receive quality furnace maintenance.

Metal Roofing

When you begin to consider different ways to upgrade your home to make it better able to survive winter weather, changing your roofing material should be one of your considerations. Metal roofing is surprisingly efficient when it comes to the conservation of heat within your home. Metal roofing has the valuable ability to allow you to add extra insulation to your roof to prevent the loss of heat. Paying a roofing professional to install metal roofing on your home can help to cut down your monthly energy costs during winter and keep your family toasty warm until spring arrives.

Air Sealing

The downside to winter weather is that it doesn’t always stay outside like it’s supposed to. Cold drafts can find their way into your home through gaps under your doors and through improperly sealed windows. These cold drafts can reduce the temperature in your home, chilling the warm air your furnace is creating. This drives up your heating costs and can chill your home to the point of discomfort. Special weatherization practices can be implemented in your home to plug the gaps in your doors and seal the openings around your windows. This will help keep your home insulated and warm.

Don’t forget to prepare for those heavy snow days by stocking up on ice melt and snow shovels. If you live in a part of the country that gets hammered with heavy snow, you’ll need these items to clear your driveway and to remove patches of ice.

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