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Some Interesting Mobile App Development Trends That Would Be Dominating the Scene in 2018

There was a phenomenal progress in the mobile app development arena throughout 2017. Today, as the New Year is knocking at the door, most of the companies have come to accept and appreciate that mobile apps are a necessity and it is very much a compulsory investment for them. Companies have come to acknowledge that mobile is undoubtedly the best way of meeting customer demands and boosting sales. Numerous large organizations that may include banks, retailers, and hospitality services etc. are increasingly utilizing mobile apps for boosting customer engagement, branding, and also direct marketing etc. Moreover, mid-sized and small businesses are increasingly following this mobile trend and going about developing their own mobile applications.

Here are some of the interesting mobile application development trends that would be dominating the mobile app space in 2018.

IoT or the Internet of Things & Also Wearable Apps

Internet of Things applications would be becoming mainstream and you would be coming across smart offices and smart homes. Right from healthcare to the education, all spheres of life would be impacted by IoT apps in a big way. Even though they still would be needing some more time to take off with flying colors, one thing is for sure that is IoT apps are very much here to stay. We have been witnessing how the Apple Watch applications have been doing a booming business and are still going great guns.

Google has introduced Android Things for boosting IoT adoption. There has been a boost in the need for connected things, applications would be needed for various smart devices apart from the smartphones. As things stand today, mobile app developers would require to constantly innovate for fulfilling diverse demands and needs.Seek professional assistance from companies offering mobile app development Mumbai.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages is an upcoming trend. Google has launched the AMP project, as such, page loading has become really faster on all mobile devices. Accelerated Mobile Pages would be helping web apps to load speedily across all mobile devices, thus, decreasing bounce rate. This sort of a change would also be helping publishers in boosting the visibility of their ads and drive more and more traffic to their sites.

Cloud-Based Apps

Mobile App Developers today are focusing more and more on developing cloud driven mobile applications. With growing popularity and boost in the cloud technology, it has really become easier, convenient, and much faster for getting data without affecting adversely the internal phone memory.

Application Security

With the advent of 2018, there would be growing importance to the security of your smartphone. Smartphones would be given tremendous importance and its security would be given top priority in 2018. Unfortunately, even today, some people are still not bothered about smartphone security as earnestly as they should be.  Applications that boast of built-in or inherent security features could be making a huge difference in the arena of mobile app development.


The mobile application economy is continuing to expand and keep on growing at a fantastic speed. Today, users are downloading even the paid mobile applications. Smart companies are realizing the importance of mobile apps and as such, they would be strategizing well ahead of time so that they could get a competitive edge.

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