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Spring Cleaning: How to Prepare for a Major Home Overhaul

Spring cleaning is more than an opportunity to air out your house and remove dust bunnies from under the furniture. You can use it as a way of prepping for a major home overhaul. Whether it’s a kitchen remodel or repainting the entire interior, a clean and organized home will make the process a lot easier. Let’s look at a few ways you make spring cleaning pull double duty

Plan a Strategy

Looking at your spring cleaning as an entire project can prove overwhelming. Instead, break the whole process down into a room by room strategy. Make a checklist for each room in the house. Then, tackle the project checklist by checklist.

If you’re planning a renovation in a specific room, add some extra action steps to that checklist. For a kitchen renovation, add steps like empty the cabinets and set up a temporary micro-kitchen. For a whole house project like painting every room, add pull things away from the walls to every checklist.


There are multiple strategies for decluttering your space. The one you pick is almost less important than simply picking one. If you’re at a loss for where to start, go with the two trash bag method. One bag gets donations. The other gets trash.

As you declutter you need a plan for what to do with all that stuff. While you can donate some stuff to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, other things will just end in the trash. It can mean a lot of trash if you declutter your whole house and garage. Consider renting a dumpster for all that trash.

Protect Valuables

Any home overhaul multiplies the odds of something valuable getting broken. Make a point to pack away valuables like that good china or those antique family photos. It’s also wise to protect sensitive papers and documents, like passports, birth certificates, and deeds or vehicle titles. While contractors and their employees are honest as a rule, it only takes one bad egg.

If you own a safe, use that. You can also get a lockbox and store it away somewhere out of sight. You can even get a safety deposit box at your bank if you’re really worried.

Using spring cleaning as preparation for a major overhaul lets you get two birds with one stone. You deal with the necessary tasks of spring cleaning. You also get your space ready for renovation or redecoration. Remember to pick a strategy, declutter, and protect your valuables.

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