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Spring is Right Around the Corner - Control Insects Now!

Spring is Right Around the Corner?

by Art Hoffman, Morningdale Log Homes LLC.

Considering the winter we have had so far, it is hard to believe that Spring is only 2 months away. But now is a good time to prepare for your home’s  annual Spring maintenance.

Over the Fall and Winter, it is likely your home has become dirty, maybe even with some mold or mildew. Usually, the west and north sides are the worst.

We have had good success washing our home with CPR Log Wash or EnviroChem Gone Plus. Just follow the manufacturer’s directions and you should be pleased with the results.


Of course we will also soon see the insects that accompany the warm weather. Most of these insects are merely a nuisance but some, like Carpenter Bees, termites and Carpenter Ants, are downright destructive.

You can contract a professional exterminator to periodically treat your property, and we strongly recommend that for termite protection and removal. However, there are some simple treatments you can do yourself and save hundreds.

For instance, we found a good general insect deterrent for Cluster Flies, Ladybugs, and Carpenter Bees is to heavily spray the exterior of our log home in the Spring and late Summer with Lambda 9.7 CS. Just mix it with water per the instructions and spray it on with a pump sprayer or a tractor  sprayer.

If those dreaded Carpenter Bees should bore into any exterior wood surfaces, we have the ultimate “fix.” First, know that the Carpenter Bees that “buzz” you are the males and cannot sting!

Now that you are “fearless,” take a 12” length of weed trimmer line and insert it into the bee hole as far as possible, ensuring it makes the 90o bend, to puncture each chamber of the nest.

Spray Pyganic Dust into the hole and wait 1-2 days for it to interact with the bees.

Then, respray it with dust and seal the end of the hole using Sashco’s Conceal caulk in a matching color. Viola’, you have defeated these culprits! 

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