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Stepping Stones to Success in Website Optimization

The most important reason for executing a search engine optimization strategy is to ensure that the search engines will be able to discover all your pages and index them and also allocate a good rank depending on the relevance of the search term used by the searcher. A basic checklist for evolving an SEO strategy:

Thoroughly Analyze the Business and the Competition

To start off, you should analyze your website structure, Metadata and content to find out how well you are set up to be discovered by search engines. To determine a search engine positioning strategy that will be effective, you need to examine the websites of your main competitors to see how they are ranking and what sort of keywords they are using in their content.

Research Your Keywords

  • Set goal and objectives: Unless you clearly define what your objectives are, you will not be able to measure your success as well as the return on investment, which will be the ultimate test of your optimization campaign. The broad objective may be laid down in terms of the number of visitors or the number of conversions in a specific time frame but ideally, you should narrow it down to the performance of specific pages. Use the services of a professional agency like SandCrestSEO if you are unsure about how to accomplish this.
  • Keyword analysis: Using analytical tools, you should identifykeywords that are being successfully used by the competitors and are also common in your industry. Use this list to find out how many searches are being conducted for each of the terms, and just how many websites are in the race to use those terms.
  • Assessment of baseline ranking: Unless you know where you are at the moment in the matter of rankings, you will not be able to distinguish your progress. You can start off by keeping records on a simple Excel worksheet of the rankings you achieve every week for a set of search terms. Along with the ranking, you should also monitor your website for increased traffic, which is the ultimate aim of getting the better ranking.

Optimize Your Content

With Google becoming more sensitive to relevance and usefulness of content, you need to ensure that your content is original and adds value to the user. You should also ensure that you create proper titles of the pages as well as the Meta tags that are read by the search engines. The keywords or phrases must be infused naturally into the content; else keyword stuffing penalties will apply. The content should be at least 800-1000 words long to provide enough information. Actively seek out backlink and submit the website to directories.


A proper SEO campaign can only be executed by a process of constant monitoring, testing, and measuring. Monitor the performance of each of your keywords and phrases, and tweak the content as and when necessary. Make it a point to review your backlinks to see that they are performing as expected.

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