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Steroid: The Perfect Tool for Weight Loss and Muscle Building

The history of steroids goes back to the ancient times. In the ancient period, it was considered that the testicles had an important role to play for the male sexual functions. It is crucial for both the maintenance and development of the male sexual characteristics; this was the general understanding at that point of time. Later scientist Berthold took this concept further and modified it. In 1849, through his experiments on cockerels, where he first removed the testes from male birds, he noticed that the birds lost some of the general physiological characteristics common of their species, as well as the male sexual function. Later when he transplanted those into the abdomen of the birds, he observed that most of the sexual functions remain unaffected.

Further experiments and their results

Lastly after dissecting these birds and concluded that the testes acts upon the blood and even more this blood has a systematic effect on the whole organism. In 1929 a further attempt was made to produce the extract of potent activity from bull's testicles, and this extract production was made even modified in 1935. In 1936 first synthesized this compound and the first ever anabolic steroid, i.e., Testosterone was created, which remains the basis of all other derivations which are still being used in medicines. During the period from 1948 to 1954, pharmaceutical firms had done experiments with the synthesizing of over a thousand different types of testosterone derivatives and its analogs. 

Steroids Enters Into Sports Scene

A story continues that in 1954 steroid put its first-ever step to enter the sports scene, in the field of weightlifting. And this started a whole new era of using the pharmaceutical enhancement in the form of steroid injections. John Ziegler, a doctor who began administering straight testosterone to weightlifters; he also attempted to synthesize a substance with strength enhancing the effect with the one which in 1956 gave birth to Methandrostenolone. This new one was given the name of Dianabol. This new step paved its way into the training programme of the then weightlifters in the form of small pink tablets, which made an apparent gap between the Ziegler's weightlifters and others within 1960. In the sixties of the last century, a steroid was created of a shorter stature to treat the children with Turner Disease Syndrome.

Later steroids had also entered the athletics scene by further research as well which enhanced and developed the steroid so that those can help to increase the athletic benefit.

Lastly, I would like to talk about the steroids of the kind that are used for losing weight, in the next portion of the article. You can follow this site to know more about exercise, diet, and steroids.

Shaping Your Perfect Physic

The steroids that the athletes and the weightlifters use to shed excess body fat comes with precise indications, and these are not of a type that you can use to get rid of your overweight situation; because anabolic steroids are not looked at as a weight loss supplements. But then again there are some steroids which can help you in cutting off the extra mass in the form of body fat; the right careful dose of Winstrol, Trenbolone or Anavar can help you to gain your dream toned physic, but admittedly with a proper use of it. 

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