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Sturdy Foundation: 4 Tips for Building Your Own Home

Building a home isn’t something you want to make mistakes on. Your new home has to be an enjoyable place to live, and solidly built to sustain its value and recoup your investment down the road. Here are some tips to help building your first home become a rewarding experience.

Think Safety

In most communities there are literally hundreds of building codes to follow, for everything from wiring outlets to spacing of roofing nails. You must also file permits and allow inspections by city officials. Everything must meet the building codes and pass inspection. This is to provide safety for the occupants, such as structural integrity and fire protection. If you hire contractors to do the actual work, they’ll typically get the necessary permits and do work that passes inspection. But as the owner-builder, this is all up to you at every phase of construction.

Green Building

It could also be a good idea to incorporate eco-friendly designs into your home. For instance, larger energy-efficient windows will save on your electric bill by preventing heat or AC loss while admitting more light. Energy-saving or water conservation ideas like smart lighting or low-flow toilets will save money long-term. Any higher initial costs can be offset by green-building tax credits. Using building materials like concrete, insulation, or roofing made from recycled products can also save you money.

Budget Carefully

Building a home with all the latest trends you see on home design TV shows sounds great, but it does get expensive. You should know your budget before you even get started. Layout everything on paper or in project planning software, and know what every last item will cost. If you can find ways to cut corners and extend your money, good for you. But don’t get your heart set on a big modern kitchen if that means the rest of the home will have to be scaled back. Also, don’t forget about landscaping of the property, including driveways and walkways.

A Secure Foundation

Your home’s foundation is the crucial first step. Be sure the property drains away from the foundation, and that the soil you’re building on can support construction. Underpinning services offered by companies like Techniblock Pty Ltd and similar businesses is one solution to providing a more stable foundation. This generally means extending the foundation to bear the home’s weight better. This might be accomplished by adding concrete, micropoles, jet grouting, or even saturating the soil with urethane-based resins. Where there are any concerns about flooding or soil quality, it may even be required.

You may have hopes of building your dream home, but it’s important to stay realistic about your budget and the legalities involved. Home construction is a big project that takes extensive planning.

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