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I have been busy working on the building lot and my driveway this summer but have not posted due to the loss of my mother. I know you all like the updates so I thought I would try and post one now. I have the building lot pretty much all cut off, I have been waiting for wetter weather to do some burning of brush and limbs, I also have been working on widening my road as well as pulling final stumps that were in my road. Last weekend we Place a culvert in a small stream that we needed to cross for our road and finished covering that up. In the end it took sevral yards of fill to finally level out the six foot deep depression that it had washed out over the years. Keeping being green in mind we took care to make sure that the ends of the culvert are below water level on both sides so that it would not inhibit the travle of any small fish or water loving creatures. Since the project is now going to be moving faster due to sudden life changes we do not think we will have the technology / funds as of yet to use solar as our primary power source right away. This means that when i have my vacation in a couple weeks i will have the eletric company come out to discuss options. Eventually we hope to be all solar. This weekend I will work again on widening / ditching my road and if it is rainy do a little brush burning. The following weekend i plan to finish off the final parts of my road and begin pulling stumps on my building lot.

I will probally post some new pictures next week

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