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Summer Storm Preparedness: 4 Home Improvement Tips To Keep Your Family Safe

Stormy weather can even occur in the summer months and sometimes results in heavy rainfall, high winds and thunder and lightning. To keep your home protected when a summer storm strikes, it’s important to take the proper precautions and perform any necessary home repairs or maintenance tasks. Here are four useful home improvement tips to keep your home and family safe during a summer storm. 

Clean Your Gutters

Clogged gutters may cause overflowing water from heavy rainfall to damage the siding of your home and its foundation. By cleaning your gutters and removing all debris, you can create a better pathway for water to flow. Cleaning your gutters will also give you the chance to check for any damages that need to be fixed. You may also want to consider installing extensions at the base of your spouts to further prevent water from damaging your home. 

Install Shutters

Having shutters over your windows can keep flying objects from shattering the glass during high-speed windstorms. Aluminum shutters are particularly good at keeping windows protected. Classic wood shutters can also provide a reliable barrier over glass. If you already have shutters, you may need to replace them with newer models that will do a better job at keeping your windows intact. 

Have a Working Generator

Generators are designed to keep the power in homes going when main power sources fail during storms. If you already have a generator, make sure that it’s in working order before a storm hits so that you can be assured that your home’s power won’t be disrupted. Battery-operated radios and other electronic devices are also good to have and can be especially useful if a large storm that will likely result in widespread power outages is expected to roll through your area. 

Tend to Your Yard

It’s not just the structure of your home that needs attention before a summer storm hits. There could be potential dangers lurking in your yard that can wreak havoc on your home if a big storm happens. The Chicago Tribune recommends trimming or cutting down certain trees that could fall onto your home. You should also secure your outdoor furniture or store it in your home or inside of a shed or garage if a major weather event is expected. 

Safety begins at home when it comes to braving a summer storm. By preparing your home the right way, you’ll stand a better chance of making it through a storm and keeping your property and family in order.

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