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Take Back Your Home: How to Avoid In-Home Pests

It’s much easier to keep pests out of your home than it is to get rid of them once they enter. Keeping them outside prevents the spread of diseases and contamination some insects cause and reduces allergic reactions some pests cause. While there are many beneficial insects on the planet, few are meant to live indoors.

Keep Your Home Clean

Most pests that move into your home are there first for food and water. Getting out of the elements is a secondary benefit. Pay attention to the kitchen first. It has all the food and water pests need. Keep dry food like crackers and cereals in containers with tight-fitting lids. Insects have an uncanny ability to enter bags and boxes, even when the tops are clamped shut with bag clips.

Mice can damage the food contents when they chew through boxes or bags. Avoid bringing food in to bedrooms for snacking. The small crumbs may seem inconsequential, but they can feed insects for days.

Seal the Openings

Home pests can enter through amazingly small cracks and gaps that come into your home. All a small mouse needs is one-quarter inch, and insects can crawl through a space as thin as a credit card. Use caulk, weather-stripping and expanding foam to seal the structural openings. Patch holes in window screens and make sure the frames around the windows and doors don’t have cracks between their frames and the exterior.

Consult an Expert

Stop a pest invasion in its tracks by hiring a licensed exterminator. These trained experts know what it will take to get rid of every pest you encounter. Depending on the insect, they’ll use broad spectrum or specific treatment methods to stop the infestation and prevent it from spreading.

Keep the Foundation Clear

Avoid storing wood next to the foundation, and rake away the dead leaves periodically from bushes and trees that collect near the foundation. Verify that your yard slopes away from the house to prevent excessively wet soil around the foundation walls. Bugs need moisture and the further they need to look for it from your home, the less attractive it will be.

Use Plants

Some plants repel pests, like marigolds, chrysanthemums, citronella grass, and clover. Mint and lavender repel mice and sprinkling powdered cayenne pepper around the foundation may keep them away.

Bottom Line

Prevention is always the best line of defense to keep the vermin and bugs out of your home. It does take some initial effort and developing habits that reduce a bug’s interest in your home, but in the end, both are easier than fighting an infestation down the road.

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