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Taking Care of Your Home's H2O: How to Elminate Hard Water

When washing a mirror or other surface, you may become frustrated by the water spots left behind. These water spots are caused by hard water. Water can contain all sorts of minerals. Most of these minerals are not harmful to our bodies but actually helpful. However, when they build up in our pipes, the issues start arising.


What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is a type of water with a high amount of minerals in it, usually calcium, magnesium carbonate, and manganese. The minerals can affect your water system, especially the electronic parts such as a dishwasher or water heater. Rainwater begins as a soft water or water with a low amount of minerals. When it runs over stones, especially limestones, the calcium can dissolve and create hard water.


Signs of Hard Water

A few signs you have hard water are white mineral buildup on faucets or water fixtures, spots on dishes, dry itchy skin, and short water heater life. A great way to tell if you have hard or soft water is to see if soap lathers easily with the water. In hard water, soap doesn’t lather easily.


How Hard Water Can Damage Your Systems

The electronic parts of your water system such as your water heater, dishwasher, and washing machine are susceptible to sediment buildup. The buildup heats up before the water which wastes energy and can potentially cause overheating or burnout. If you experience a burnout, calling a water and electric company such as Anderson Water Systems can help a great deal. The sediments can also clog pipes and valves, ruin seals, and damage plumbing.


Types of Water Softening

There are three main types of water softening: ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and distillation. Ion exchange involves exchanging calcium or magnesium ions for two sodium ions. Reverse osmosis involves using a membrane to filter the water and a high amount of pressure. Using pressure of 35-40 psi, the pressure pushes water through a membrane to filter out minerals. Distillation uses heat to evaporate water, leaving the sediment behind and then reliquifying it in a different container.


Hard water can be pesky, but through different types of water softeners, you will be back to soft water in no time. Water spots will disappear, your skin will feel smooth and soft, and clothes won’t feel so rough and worn. Eliminating hard water is not difficult. You just need the right water softening system for you.


Author Note: the link for the keyword is to a generator, but the article is about water softeners. I noticed that on the website you have water systems and softeners so I began wondering if you meant to connect that link to the keyword instead. It would also connect with the content better and make more sense.

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