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Tapping into Better H2O: Why Your Home Needs a Water Purification System

Many homeowners believe that the drinking water they receive is already in perfect drinking condition. However, the reality is that your drinking water may still contain trace amount of contaminants, and many of the minerals used by water treatment plants can have adverse effects on your health. The best way to guarantee the purity of your drinking water is to install a water purification system in your house. Here are some of the most significant benefits of having a home water purification system.


Remove Toxic Contaminants

As surprising as it sounds, while drinking water is required to be treated, it is allowed to contain trace amounts of toxins, such as lead. There is no ‘safe’ level of lead in your body, and drinking water may also contain small amounts of other organic contaminants like benzene or atrazine. Filtering your water allows you to remove some or all of these contaminants, and you can research different types and models of water filters to find the one that best removes the contaminants found in your local drinking water.


Reduce Consumption of Added Chemicals

Water treatment plants regularly add chemicals to help purify the water, most commonly fluoride or chlorine, but the buildup of these chemicals in your body can negatively impact your health. Effective water filtration or purification systems will be able to remove most traces of chlorine and fluoride as well as the majority of natural toxins in drinking water--and there are over 2,000 known toxins!


Protect Your Plumbing

Unfiltered water often contains heavy metals and minerals, either added by treatment plants or naturally occurring, that can damage your plumbing system over time. These minerals can wear down pipes in your home, and can also impact any home appliances that use water, such as your refrigerator, dish washer or washing machine.


Be Disaster-Ready

If there’s a sewer line burst near your home, or if a disaster causes damage to the local water treatment plant, your drinking water may become contaminated. If this happens, having a water filtration system in your home can allow you to have safe drinking water without purchasing loads of bottled water. If you want to be even more disaster-ready, you can install a standby generator such as those available form Anderson Water Systems. A backup generator will ensure that if the power goes out during an emergency, water purification systems that require electricity will still be able to function.


For these reasons and more, installing a water purification system in your home is a worthy investment. The importance of clean drinking water can’t be overstated, and even the treated drinking water that flows to your home often contains trace amounts of contaminants or purifying chemicals that you don’t want to build up in your body. There are a variety of types of water purifiers available to fit your budget and filter out the substances you’re most concerned about, so do some preliminary research and you can find the water filter that is best for your home.

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