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The Art of Landscaping: How to Keep Your Yard Green and Beautiful This Summer

You may be envious of your neighbor’s lush, green yard every summer. The question becomes how they manage to keep it looking so nice all of the time. The best kept lawn is all about the preparation and the planning. If you’re ready to have the lawn that’s the envy of the neighborhood, here are some tips to help you achieve that goal.


Invest in Watering Solutions

Have lawn sprinklers installed so that your lawn can get the water that it needs. Make sure to purchase a programmable system so that it can become worry free. Make sure to only water your yard during the cool part of the day. You want the water to be able to fully penetrate to the roots of the grass. Water that sits on the surface can evaporate in the heat.


Fertilize Appropriately

Many people make the mistake of fertilizing their lawns at the wrong time of the year. You may have seen those perfectly brown lawns in your area. This is due to the fertilizer burning the grass and causing it to turn a golden brown. Read the instructions on the bag of fertilizer so that you don’t end up with a perfectly maintained, but brown yard.


Watch Your Mowing Height

It can be annoying to have to mow your yard every weekend. This can prompt you to cut your grass too short so that you can avoid frequent mowing. You aren’t doing your grass any favors cutting it too short. Let it grow out a little longer so that it has more of an opportunity to absorb the moisture during watering. It also provides your grass to have the ability to seed and regenerate itself.


Select the Right Seed

The right type of grass seed can make all the difference. Select a seed that fits with the sun exposure of your yard. Another thing to consider is to select a bag that contains of variety of types of seed. This gives your lawn a little bit of extra protection against disease and bugs. Reseed as needed so that you can keep the grass looking good all year long.


You don’t have to spend that much time maintaining your yard if you do it right. Prepare the ground work early so that you can sit back and enjoy your green yard all summer long. Taking a few simple steps during certain times of the year can also make for a better maintained yard.

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