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So you're new to the whole world of log and timber homes, and you're starting absolutely from scratch. You probably have a lot of questions (like, say, what's the difference between a log home and a timber home?), but you may feel they're too basic to ask. Or you may be so overwhelmed that you don't even know where to begin.

Never fear — we've got your back. The 2012 Log & Timber Home Workbook just hit newsstands today, and it breaks everything down for even the most novice of interested log- or timber-home owners. Inside you'll find:

- a detailed explanation of the similarities and differences between log and timber homes, and practical information that can help you decide what's right for you

- a guide to log and timber home shows — what they are, how to prepare to attend one, who to meet and what questions to ask (click here for a schedule of upcoming shows)

- more than 50 of the most-asked questions from potential log-home owners and detailed answers that remove the guesswork (What should I look for in a building site? Isn't fire a threat? How can I cut costs during the building process? What kind of maintenance is involved?)

- advice on selecting the different members of your log or timber home's design and building team

- a breakdown of the different components used in timber-frame construction

- an overview of what you can (and can't) expect to find in your log-home package

- an explanation of the two types of loans required to build a custom log or timber home

- advice on where to find good land and what you need to know before you buy

- tips on planning a custom floor plan or modifying a stock one to fit your needs

and more!

This special issue is only available on newsstands and in our online bookstore, so save yourself a trip and order your copy today.

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