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Take one part architectural heritage and two parts highly functional design. Mix it well, and you have the perfect recipe for a beautifully rustic yet very modern log home... the new rustic log home!


There was a time when the word “rustic” was used to mean unrefined, artless — even backward. Those days are long gone. The term has come to embody the beauty and simplicity of nature, and in our technologically driven times, the pursuit of all things natural has become a highly sought after thing.

Today’s “New Rustic” homes are sophisticated, timeless gems that incorporate, but cleverly conceal, their high-tech features. They shine a spotlight on natural materials and organic, forward-thinking floor plans. And log home construction is in the center of it all.

New rustic designs have firm roots in classic architectural aesthetics (think Adirondack Great Camps and Swiss/German Colonials) but with a modern twist. You may recognize them when you see them, but accurately conveying the attributes that appeal to you with an architect or log home designer can be tough.

We’ve identified four of the most requested log home architectural styles to provide you with a visual dictionary of features that epitomize these types of homes. Of course, there are other log home designs, and truly your home is limited only by your imagination; however, use these basic four to get the conversation started.

Craftsman Log Homes

One of the more commonly recognized housing styles, the Craftsman movement is uniquely American. Starting out as a rebellion against the perceived mediocrity and mass-production that was a byproduct of the Industrial Revolution, its design elements favor handcraftsmanship and natural materials.

Defining Characteristics

  • One to one-and-a-half stories
  • Rectangular or square floor plan, with a low, box-like shape
  • Floor plans are often intricate
  • Typically square logs with dovetailed corners
  • Large, welcoming front porch and a porte cochere
  • Gabled low-pitched roofline
  • Squared pillar supports that flair toward the bottom
  • Native-material accents, especially stone
  • “Chicago style” windows, with a fixed, central picture window flanked by narrow double-hung side windows
  • Exposed wood trim
  • Heavy log-and-timber trusses, both structural and as accents

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