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The Threat of Water Damage: 7 Signs You Need to Update Your Plumbing

It's important to stay on top of home repairs in order to save money and hassle down the road. This is definitely true of your plumbing. Watch for these seven signs you need to update your plumbing in order to feel confident you are investing your money in needed repairs in a timely manner.

1. Yellow or Brown Water

Colored water can indicate you have a rust problem. A simple test can help you to determine whether your pipes may be rusty. Plug your sink, or even your tub, and then run the water for a couple minutes. Yellow or brown hue to the water is indicate of rust.

2. Major Problems

Obvious problems like water leaks on the floor from a tub or sink, seepage around fixtures or slow moving drains definitely need to be checked out. They are indicators of problems like poorly sealed hardware, clogs or improper routing of drainage water. A quality plumbing service like Rooter Pro Plumbing can provide leak detection services to determine the exact location of your leak.

3. Poor Quality

If your water smells bad or is rusty, chances are it's time to look into updating your plumbing. Corroded rods in your water heater could be the problem. The issue could also stem directly from your pipes.

4. Low Pressure

Faucets that no longer produce water volume at full blast usually mean pipe trouble. Corrosion causes the pipes to degrade, leading to a narrowed opening. Less water can flow through, causing low water pressure. A replacement of all your pipes may be necessary.

5. Mold

Mold is a sure sign of plumbing issues. Commonly seen on the ceiling or walls is an indication that you have a leak somewhere you can't see. Mold can be a real safety hazard. It's also important to discover the source of the leak as soon as possible in order to increase the chances of an easy fix.

6. Stains

Sometimes mold may not have developed yet. Stains or damp spots may be visible, though. These are precursors to mold and are another sign of pipe leakage that should be checked.

7. Age

Pipes that are around 60 years old should be monitored regularly for the above issues, as plumbing simply doesn't last forever. Regular inspections by a certified plumber are recommended for older plumbing and fixtures.

Staying alert for these seven signs that you may need to update your plumbing is a good start to staying on top of expensive repairs. You'll have peace of mind knowing your plumbing is functioning properly and efficiently.

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