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The various applications of lightweight concrete

The ordinary concrete is known to be heavier than lightweight concrete and has a density of 2300 kg/m3. This makes it unsuitable for floor-filling purposes as it adds a lot of dead weight to the structure. By using lightweight aggregate concrete, the density can be reduced. This would help reduce the dead weight on the structure and also create better heat and sound insulation. 


The lightweight concrete is not that strong compared to ordinary concrete. It is still considered to be really safe and is used for different structures and is considered to be earthquake-proof. Here are the various things for which lightweight concrete is used.


Deck and long bridges - The lightweight concrete is known to reduce deadweight which makes it a perfect filling material. Construction companies use it to make decks and long bridges as it is available in a precast form which means it reduces the transportation cost and saves overall time in construction. It has internal curing and is resistant to wear and skid which is really important for bridges. 


Fire and corrosion resistance - It is not completely fired resistance but has properties that make it last longer against fire compared to the ordinary concrete. The ordinary concrete can last only a couple of hours while the lightweight concrete lasts for about 4-6 hours. The lightweight concrete has alkalinity which provides a layer of steel reinforcement that acts as a protective layer against corrosion. The alkalinity of the lightweight concrete can be increased using a high percentage of cement. If the percentage is less than 350 kg/m3, the steel reinforcements will get corroded. 


Heat and water insulation - The lightweight concrete can absorb a good amount of heat and can help keep the house cool in summer. It is also considered to be the best option for water insulation. 


Precast building blocks - The lightweight concrete is available in slabs and designed according to sizes at different places and can be brought to the site just for placing it. It saves a lot of time and money. It helps reduce the construction costs in a huge way as a lot of labour won’t be required and the project can be completed in time easily. It can be used for walls, flooring, roof, etc. It just needs to be placed properly using the required equipment and labour helping the process.  


Soundproofing - It is a well-known fact that lightweight concrete has amazing soundproofing properties and is highly preferred by people in making offices. It is also used for making acoustic rooms. It does not allow the sound to pass through the wall and is known to help create acoustic rooms and spots. 


The lightweight concrete has numerous other applications for which it can be used due to its amazing properties. It is one of the fast-growing industries and people are switching from ordinary to lightweight concrete. The number of lightweight concrete manufacturers has also increased immensely due to the high demand. The LECA lightweight concrete is highly in demand due to it being eco-friendly. With changing times, people are very much into preserving the environment in any way possible to have a better future. 


To purchase top quality lightweight concrete, visit Rivashaa Eco Design Solutions are premium quality, lightweight concrete material manufacturers and suppliers. They offer various lightweight materials such as hydroponic clay balls and much more. Get in touch with them to know more about the products and their applications. 

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