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Things to Ask Your Badge Manufacturer

Badges are an integral part of a professional space, ranging from name badges to promotional ones. Button badges are the most common choice for promotional badges. Designing these badges require a lot of thought, time and effort. A small mistake by the manufacturer can spoil your design. Thus, you should always ensure that you choose a manufacturer that specialises in manufacturing button badges in South Africa. To help you choose a great manufacturer, here are some questions that you must ask them beforehand:

1. Does the Manufacturer provide design assistance?

Though it might seem like a necessity, design assistance is a service not all companies offer. Some companies offer only printing and manufacturing of the badges. Some others provide design services for an additional charge. Yet, there are some companies that provide complete guidance for free.

Even if you are designing the badge on your own, you might need some help in making sure that the design is up to the exact specifications needed for your badge. You can even request to have a badge made for instance like one you saw somewhere. This is where assistance from the manufacturing company will come in handy to produce the best possible badge for your badge needs.

2. What happens if I am unsatisfied with the final product?

No manufacturer can guarantee one hundred percent satisfaction. However, knowledge of the manufacturer’s return and refund policy in advance will help you be prepared if something goes wrong. The last thing you would want is to pay for a product that you are not one hundred percent satisfied with. If you do not select the right manufacturer you might as well be prepared for such a scenario. To prevent such an unpleasant experience, opt for a manufacturer that offers some sort of quality and delivery guarantee. This is essential so that you have the badges not only in decent quality but also in time for your campaign. Otherwise, the badges could land up being a waste.

3. Do They Have a Well-Equipped Manufacturing System?

Enquiring about their manufacturing process is crucial for your future association with the manufacturer. Try to partner with a company that can produce badges at large-quantities and satisfy urgent requirements. This will help you re-order on an urgent basis if you ever run out of stock during a campaign or partake in heavy promotional activity.  You should also ensure that the company you are joining hands with practices ethical manufacturing. Partnering with a company that take pride in how they treat their workers reflects on your business in a positive manner.

Asking these 3 key questions will ensure that you do not have a negative experience with the badge manufacturer. You will be able to use the promotional button badges to create a positive brand image for your business.

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