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Time Management Tricks to Get your Basement Finished Faster

Business owners and managers are not the only people that utilize time management tricks to complete projects on time and within budget. The following time management tricks can increase your chances of achieving your home basement remodel goals. Use these ideas to get a head start on any home improvement project and finish what you start a little faster.

Research and Write down Your Plan
Many do-it-yourselfers come up with a rough remodeling plan in their heads, buy supplies, and then jump head first into construction. As a result, they usually underestimate the amount of supplies they need or the total cost and end up wasting a lot of time in stores. The remodel then slows down further at home because of day-to-day responsibilities and distractions. Review other people's stories about their basement remodeling successes and failures, including supplies and costs, and then write down in detail every step you feel you need to take to complete the remodel as desired. 

Add Extra Time to Your Schedule
Life happens. The only way you can stay on target is by anticipating disruptions that might put you behind schedule. Things like sudden family gatherings, work or personal schedule changes, and emergencies can all influence your timetable. Set aside a preset number of basement remodel makeup days. If you later use those days and need more time, re-arrange your schedule for the following week based on hour increments for every half hour of time lost.

Put up Signs and Block Access
Make sure that loved ones and friends know that you are serious about staying on track time-wise with this project. Put up “Quiet” and “Keep Out” signs during work hours. Block entry and exit points to prevent children and pets from wandering in and causing distractions through play, chatting, or accidents. 

Ask for Personal or Professional Help
One of the best ways to complete your remodel on time is by delegating certain tasks to others. For example, you might ask your family and friends to unpackage and organize supplies, sand wood pieces, paint walls, or aid in lifting heavy items. Of course, you might find that you do not know enough to perform some or all of your project. You can save time and money by hiring a home construction company to design or complete it as well. Home remodeling contractors like 3 R’s Construction Management LLC possess skills and time-saving tricks that can speed up any small or large renovation. 

A basement remodel does not have to take forever to finish. These basic time management tricks help to prevent the process from dragging on for weeks or months past your deadline.

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