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Trying to build my log cabin with our own sawmill

Hi my name is Adam,

I am trying to build a small log cabin using our own large eastern white pine trees we are planning to fell the trees and then use the sawmill to cut them first of all our trees are about 3 feet in diameter at the base my plan is to first use the sawmill to cut the tree square giving us roughly 2 foot by 2 foot square log I then want to cut them into 6×6 logs and round off the corners. So my questions are: first what time of season should I fell the trees. Second is how long can the whole tree sit before I use the sawmill to make my 6×6 logs.  Third how long does eastern white pine need to season before starting construction and keep in mind the trees live on the land where my cabin will be built. Any advice will be greatly apprecciated

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