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Uninvited Guests? 5 Pest Control Pointers for New Homeowners

After you buy your first home, you are responsible for keeping pests out of the building. In the past, you may have had a landlord who was responsible for eliminating insects or rodents, so you may not understand how to get rid of any pests that are entering your home. Here are five pointers for controlling pests.

Keep Your Home Clean and Free of Clutter

If your home is filled with bags of trash and dirty laundry, then you will likely have an assortment of nasty pests such as mice or cockroaches. These types of pests are attracted to foul odors and nesting locations, so you must maintain your home’s cleanliness. You can do this by throwing away trash as quickly as possible or by keeping it in a metal trash receptacle that has a tight lid. Instead of leaving piles of laundry on the floor, place the items in plastic totes that you can cover with a lid.

Seal the Openings in Your Home

When you have pests in your home, the vermin is entering it through tiny holes and crevices. You should walk through your home’s interior along with inspecting the outside of the structure to find any openings where rats, ants or cockroaches can enter. If there is a large hole in a building’s foundation, then you can seal it with wire mesh or cement. For smaller crevices, you can use liquid caulking that will dry into a hard substance so that the pests can’t enter your home.

Maintain Your Home’s Water Pipes and Plumbing Fixtures

Pests are attracted to moisture, so if you have leaking water pipes or plumbing fixtures, then you need to repair the items as quickly as possible. When you notice problems such as moisture underneath a water heater or toilet, then the water is leaking through the floor tiles and carpets, damaging the surfaces along with attracting a variety of insects and rodents. By repairing plumbing fixtures and water pipes, it will help to prevent infestations from termites and carpenter ants.

Use Natural Plants and Essential Oils to Eliminate Pests

While you should keep the trees and shrubs trimmed around your home, you can also plant flowers or herbs to repel pests. Some of the plants that repel pests include lemon balm, spearmint and lavender. In addition to having these plants around the perimeter of your home, you can have these plants in flowerpots inside your home. You can also buy essential oils to spray around your home’s windows and doorways to repel crawling and flying insects.

Contact an Exterminator for Professional Pest Control Services

If you have a rodent or insect infestation that you can’t get rid of, then contact a rodent control professional as soon as possible. A knowledgeable exterminator knows how to find the breeding locations and nesting sites of a variety of pests to eliminate the rodents and insects. Professional pest control experts also have specialized bait systems that will eliminate hundreds of cockroaches and ants in only a few days.

Make sure to have a budget for problems such as pests so that you are ready to eliminate the insects and rodents that invade your home.

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