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Updating Your Landscape: How to Make Your Yard Stand out in Your Neighborhood

There are many different ways that you can make your landscaping stand out in a positive way. While you can simply try to copy the neighbors, doing your own thing often makes your yard stand out the best as long as you devote the time that it needs to keep it up. Here are some tips to make your yard stand out in your neighborhood.


Create Zones

Dividing your landscaping into different zones helps it to stand out from your neighbors. The exact type of zones you develop depends on what you use your yard for on a regular basis. You may want a Mediterranean-looking swimming pool area, a children’s play area and a gardening area. Use boulders and lighting to make it clear how people should move from one zone to another.


Add Lighting

Consider working with a professional to develop a landscape lighting design. Start by deciding what the main focal points of your yard are and add your strongest lighting there. Add softer lights to highlight your hardscaping making them safer at night. Then, decide what ambiance you want to create and add additional lighting to create that atmosphere.


Choose Your Garden Style

There are many different styles of gardening that you can choose from. Many, however, let the style of their home determine the style that fits best in their yard. Some people, however, break this trend by using a Japanese garden with koi ponds, stone landscaping and meticulously manicured shrubs. Others choose Mediterranean-style gardens with citrus trees, terracotta pots and colorful plants. Still, others choose to create a Spanish-themed garden with colorful pots and an arched-resting area complete with a bench or other area for resting.


Keep the Grass Green

One of the hardest parts of making your landscaping look the best in the neighborhood is keeping your grass looking green. While some have resorted to using Astroturf to accomplish this task, others are starting early by making sure to fertilize in the fall before the grass goes dormant for the winter. The fall is also a great time to overseed areas that have turned brown during the summer. Throughout the growing season, mow frequently, but never cut more than 33 percent of the grass’ height off at any one time.


Following these tips will have your landscaping be the envy of the neighborhood. Start today by developing a plan of what tasks you want to do first if money is tight. Keep going a little at a time, and you will be richly rewarded by the compliments you hear from your neighbors.

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