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Almost exactly one year has gone since we started building Villa Linnea. Time to reflect on 2011.

It all started in early February. We had tons of snow on the foundation. It took several hours of tractor work, 6 hours of heavy duty snow plowing, and some 15 man hours of snow shoveling to get the foundation in shape for the log assembly.

But before we could even think of log assembly the logs had to be delivered.That was when disaster stroke. The delivery truck with some 30 tons of precious cargo drove off the road and ended up hitting an old wooden house.

What followed this “little ” road accident was a massive unloading operation in the middle of no-where. All the logs had to be unloaded first. The empty truck could be pulled up the ditch with the help of a heavy duty tow truck and a separately ordered digger. Only then the logs could be put back on the truck and driven to the construction site.

Once the 40 packages with logs were unloaded, the Mammuttihirsi assembly crew progressed quickly in assembling the first rows.

When about a half of the logs were assembled we were hit by the next show-stopper. The temperatures went to -25 degrees below zero and even our brave assembly crew refused to continue the work.

The crew returned a week later to complete the log assembly and to start building the roof. As the building crew worked essentially without any decent scaffolding around the building, they build the roofs of the two towers and lifted it as one unit onto the towers. This circus act was an amazing performance not without risks if you look at the guys standing 6 meters above the ground without any safety gear.

The rest of the roof and the other works such as installing the windows was done in other three weeks. After five weeks (minus one week temperature-related break) the outer shell of the villa was completed with only the tar shingles missing on the roof. While the crew was waiting for warmer weather to install the tar shingles, a major storm destroyed good parts of the tar paper sealing off the roof. Which had to be fixed by the crew then immediately after the storm.

The tar shingles were installed few weeks ahead of schedule, which was a nice surprise. And after some dispute about the floor beams strength and working through a 10 point still-to-fix-list, Mammuttihirsi considered the assembly as completed (I never signed off the completion as there was no agreement about the floor beams).

It was now our turn to take the Villa Linnea project forward. I spent a good amount of my weekend and some extra 2 weeks of vacation with getting the floor and the master bedroom on the first floor ready.

The summer was dedicated to what seemed an never ending paint marathon. Yes, we knew that the shape of out little villa isn’t exactly the typical 4 straight walls box and, therefore, painting would be a bit more complicated. But, holy cow, painting this thing with the brown stain and painting the boards under roof white seemed to never end (and still isn’t 100% complete when it comes to those boards under the roof). But the result is not too bad…

The other half of the year was focused on closing off the ceilings inside in order blow the insulation in there at some point of time. Again due to complex roof structure, this proved to be a bit more laborious than I hoped for.

Almost the last bigger project to be completed in 2011 was the fireplace which was approved in early November and saw its first fire already this year slightly ahead in our five year plan.

The last project to come to conclusion in 2011 was the building of the bath room floor. This project was outsourced to our builder that has also done the foundation of the villa. This job is only completed today and I haven’t got the latest images yet but I’ll post them next year. This is how it looked last time:

So, that’s it for 2011. We managed to do pretty much complete everything we wanted with exception of the front terrace and some painting jobs. With the fireplace and the concrete floor of the bathroom ready, we are already two steps ahead of the rough five year plan (which doesn’t really exist on paper but only in our heads). More details and up-to-date info on my dedicated blog under

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