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Warm in the Mountains: How to Keep Your Cabin Comfortable

When the beautiful snow of the winter season arrives, there’s no place more picturesque than a cozy cabin home in the mountains. Mountain cabins provide beautiful scenery and solitude, but they can also be a tad drafty and cold. Utilize these four tips to help keep your cabin comfortable this winter.

Fireplace Maintenance

No mountain cabin is complete without a fireplace. Before you ignite your fireplace for the first time this winter season, be sure to perform vital maintenance on your fireplace. Ensure that the chimney is swept, clean out old log debris, and check that none of the bricks in your fireplace are cracked or damaged.

Water Heater Maintenance

Maintaining a functional water heater that operates at optimal performance is essential to staying warm and comfortable in your cabin. Water heaters are durable and are designed to last several years, but they’re not invincible. Factors beyond your control can cause your water heater to malfunction prematurely. As the fall season matures, it is recommended that you call in a water heater repair service professional to perform a routine inspection. If water heater repairs need to be made, the serviceman can repair your water heater to ensure that it’s ready to keep you warm this winter.

Prepare Your Windows

Your cabin windows are beautiful to look through during the winter season. Unfortunately, your cabin windows can also be one of the main ways that you lose your heated indoor air. There are a few steps you can take to prepare your windows for winter. Weatherize your windows by adding an extra coat of sealant where it’s needed. If your windows have cracked window panes that leak air, install plastic film insulation over your windows to act as a barrier.

Furnace Maintenance

Even if your cabin has a fireplace, it can’t heat the entire cabin. You’ll have to rely on a furnace to heat the rest of the rooms in your cabin home. Furnaces require regular maintenance to operate at peak performance. Some of the maintenance can be done as a do-it-yourself project, but other tasks should be left to a heating and cooling professional to perform.

There are small things you can do daily to keep you warm and comfortable in your cabin. Open your curtains to allow natural sunlight to enter and heat your cabin. Wear sweaters and socks while walking around your cabin to retain your body heat. Decorate with thick area rugs if your cabin flooring is wood.

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