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Is it maybe time to add a water treatment system to your home?  You may be left wondering what the white flaky sand that you see on your faucets and dishware and you may be wondering if its time to add water softener system to your home.   

1.  Buy online

Where should you buy your new water system?  Amazon is one of the cheapest DIY ways to get a new water system.   There are a lot of systems you can choose from and also different pricing.  Look at some reviews and see what type of system you like best.  Maybe look to add a dual tank system if you are also wanting to filter the water as well.  

3.  Buy Locally

If you are not wanting to do a lot of the work yourself and want to get it installed right away you can just find someone locally like Culligan or Kinetico which will get you up and running fast.  

If you get something local you can buy one outright or also do a monthly exchange tank.  Both are good options and will not require a ton of work on your part. 

I would also be wary of pricing.  Watch out for local water dealers trying to charge you for a system you don't need.  I would highly question any dealer trying to sell you anything over 2 thousand for a system.  

Hope this helps get you oft water

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Comment by Judy Juan on May 17, 2020 at 11:29am

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