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When winter is fading away many homeowner’s thoughts turn to their yard and what they can do to ensure that they will have a beautiful yard when springtime arrives. Although you may not be able to get outside and work on your yard there are some things that you can do to get ready. You should make sure that you look at all your yard tools including your lawn mower, garden tools, and trimmers. Take the time to clean, sharpen, repair, and lubricate all of them so they are ready. Once you can get outside start with a good spring-clean up of any debris that is left over from the winter, including raking up any leftover leaves from the fall. If you have any tree guards you should clean or replace them.

Make sure if you have any mulch on your shrubs or perennials that you do not remove them too soon and kill the plants and shrubs. You should also not rake your flower garden too hard because it could damage the soil and hurt the new emerging plants and tender bulbs. Once this is done you need to test your soil before starting any type of lawn fertilization program. Although you should do this every year it is not necessary but it should be done at least every three years. To have your soil samples analyzed you can get kits from private labs and the State Extension Service and mail them back to the place where you got the kit. The results will tell you what fertilization your lawn needs and how much.

When choosing lawn fertilizer use ones that have a slow-releasing nitrogen ingredient that will give you results that are long lasting and give you strong roots. Once you apply this type of fertilizer you will not need to do it for the rest of the season because the slow-releasing nitrogen will give your lawn steady controlled nutrition. Your lawn will have no excess growth and less mowing along with healthier thicker grass. When mowing your lawn set it at two and one-half to three inches and use this same height all season. For better results do the mowing during the evening or cooler mornings to give you a great looking lawn and reduce the chance of damaging your grass.

Three of the most common weeds that you will see when doing lawn treatment are dandelions, clover, and crabgrass. You should tackle the crabgrass before it emerges and begins to grow leaves. Dandelions, clover, and other members of the broadleaf weed family require treatments that come into direct contact with their leaves. If you cannot get rid of any of these weeds you can have a professional lawn service come to do treatments.

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