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What Kind of Wood Makes the Best Doors for Log Cabins?

A log cabin home is a traditional building style. At home in the woods or on a mountain side, these homes look great when built in a natural setting. As you start planning the construction of your log cabin home, you might be wondering which kind of wood makes the best door. Keep these four species of tree in mind when considering the door for your new log cabin home.

Engelmann Spruce

The Engelmann spruce features wood that is pale in appearance. It is generally free of knots, and it dries well. It is moderately strong and stiff, but it only has a light resistance to decay caused by humidity and insects. This wood is best for a door on homes located in a dry climate. It is easy to work with and readily accepts stains for a customized finish.

Lodge Pole Pine

If you want a front door with a lot of character, choose a lodge pole pine. This type of wood has natural blue and gray streaks. Some companies, like Arch Design, realize that it also has many knots in it, and the they tend to take on interesting shapes and features. This wood is soft, making it easy to carve into intricate shapes for a detailed front door. It works best in dry climates and easily accepts most wood stains.

Douglas Fir

When building a log home in a moderate to humid environment, a door made of Douglas fir is a wise choice. This type of wood has a moderate to high level of resistance to decay caused by humidity and insect activity. It accepts stains moderately well and has a natural, light orange glow. It is mostly free of knots and has a uniform finish. It is one of the strongest types of wood used in log home construction.

Western Red Cedar

The western red cedar wood has the highest level of resistance to moisture and humidity. This is a soft wood, and it dents easily. Cedar can be strengthened with a sealant or stain. Its natural color is dark red and quite vibrant.

Everyone who visits your home will come face-to-face with the front door. By choosing a beautiful, long-lasting and coordinating type of wood for the front door, you will have a perfect match for the rest of your log home. Each of these four wood types has its own advantages. Choose the one with the characteristics and features that are best suited to your preferences, location, weather conditions and style.

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