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Kitchens’ prominence is apparent from the existence of certified kitchen designers. After all, there aren’t planning specialists for living rooms, master bedrooms or other individual interior spaces. Clearly, kitchens deserve extra attention to create the right look.


That doesn’t mean you need to hire a certified kitchen designer for your log home, however. With imagination, confidence and eagerness to express yourself, you can create an eye-catching kitchen.

It’s only natural to wonder what other people are doing with their kitchens, especially what might work for you. Kitchens go in many directions. The standouts usually go beyond what most people assume a log-home kitchen looks like. Many people think log homes are too rooted in tradition for trends, but if there’s one place trend and tradition mingle in a log home, it’s in the kitchen.


Leading kitchen designers single out these current trends. Maybe one will work for your log home.


Backsplashes that make a splash. Handmade, custom-painted tiles turn backsplashes into murals. Range hoods, too, are focal points of kitchen decor. Canopies can be wood and other materials than metal.


Mix-and-match countertops. Different surfaces for different strokes. Wood for prep, stone for the breakfast bar, even tile or concrete. Inserts vary texture and look.


Break-out cabinets. Staggering cabinet heights relieves repetition and adds pizzazz. Try glass for cabinet doors, or two-tone wood. Look beyond looks: deeper cabinets with accessible innards.


Color courage. Greens and neutrals remain strong, but designers see more desire for blue, especially mixed with green. Earth and water colors are still sought, but guess what’s back: dark brown.


Duplicate appliances. Why not have two refrigerators? The second can go under a counter in an island, just for beverages. If both homeowners cook, a double work triangle can keep them from spoiling the broth or worse.


Finally, think beyond meals. Kitchens can be cozy family gathering places for conversation, hobbies, even entertaining.


Of course, you’re never obliged to follow fashion. Tradition can be reassuring. Choose what you love and works for you.

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