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What to Remember about Setting up Your Own Remodel

When it’s time to have your home remodeled, one way to save money is to handle the coordination and scheduling on your own. A general contractor normally handles this service, but most homeowners can deal with it on their own, provided they know what to expect. In addition to being able to search for the best prices on different services like tilework or dry-wall, you can also do some of the work yourself to invest a little sweat equity.

The Sacrifice of Time for Money
While you will almost certainly save money, you’ll also sacrifice prompt project completion. In general, trying to coordinate everything on your own will take longer, and the risk for delays increases when you’re working with different contractors. For most people, this isn’t a problem as long as they’re ready for it.

Do Your Research
Take the time to do your research so you’ll know what order to set up the contractors in. Drywall insulation specialists cannot do their work until the electrical and plumbing technicians have finished everything, and that stage has been inspected. Most people leave flooring for last after the walls and ceilings are painted. It will take some time to do this research, but it will help you avoid problems and unnecessary delays later.

Creating a Timetable                                                                                                                              You'll also need to look at how much time each project will take with and without professionals to help. If you're installing pvc trim boards on the porch, it may only take a day with your own labor to complete, but remember to factor in other things as well. You might need to add in drying time before installing the next pieces, or even the delivery time of the products required for the job. Companies like Seidler Chemical Co, which provide sealants and adhesives, will usually work with you to estimate a delivery arrival time.

License and Insurance with Every Company
When hiring different contractors, make sure you’re working with people who are licensed and insured. This will help protect your best interests if someone is hurt while on the job, or they accidentally damage something inside your home.

Check the Estimates
When you’re receiving estimates, take the time to carefully review the information to ensure you aren’t paying two different companies to do the same work. For example, a trim company may quote out adding trim around your new windows, but this service may be included with the windows. Carefully review the estimates at the beginning so you can catch any overlapping areas and keep your overall costs down.

The Cleanup
Another downfall of doing your own general contracting is you may have to do your own cleanup. The simplest solution may be to rent a dumpster and have it left in your driveway. Another option is to call a junk hauling service in to carry off the debris when everything is done. Depending on the work that’s being performed, you may even need harsh chemicals removed.

It will take some work to be your own general contractor, but it can help you save a substantial amount of money. You can still receive high-quality work, while also keeping your costs a little lower.

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