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What You Need to Know About Log Cabin Planning Permissions

If you’re looking to build a log cabin on a spot of land or within the vicinity of your home, you need to check whether there are any regulations that could restrict you from building one. Without the correct research, you may purchase a log cabin only to find that you don’t have permission to build it where you wish. 

Here are some questions and queries that you should consider before building or purchasing a log cabin.

Is planning permission always required for log cabins?

Not necessarily. This is because log cabins are classed as ‘permitted development’ where they can be built without needing to make a planning application. However, it’s still important to check the planning permissions within the local area. There will be factors which will determine whether you may or may not need permission. These can include the size of the log cabin and where you wish to build it.

What are the general guidelines for me to build a log cabin?

There will be certain obligations that will decrease your chances of obtaining permission to build a log cabin if you need it. These include:

  • Building your cabin outside the parameters of your home. The cabin needs to be built and remain with the premises of your house. 
  • Your log cabin should remain within 4m of height and within 2m of the boundary of your house. The eaves height is up to 2.5m.
  • If you were to build or purchase a pent (flat) cabin, the restriction will be less with measurements as flat cabins have no eaves.

When would a log cabin become a ‘non-permitted development’?

There will be some cases when a cabin will no longer be a permitted development. In cases where they are classed as non-permitted development includes:

- Garden Cabin: These would be outbuildings, which means they would be acceptable as a permitted development. There are still restrictions in place but you wouldn’t need planning permission as such.

- Woodland Cabin: If you already have a piece of woodland and therefore require a cabin for storage or land maintenance, then the cabin can be classed as permitted development.

Be sure to check planning permissions for your log home

To prevent disputes occurring with litigation solicitors, it’s important that you check the regulations of log home development at your home. There are restrictions and regulations that you need to abide to in order to situate and build your perfect log cabin. To prevent any complications, check with your local council about whether you’d need to put in an application.

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