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When is the perfect moment for outdoor house cleaning

The perfect moment usually takes place in the first warm months of the year, when the weather is just perfect to leave the windows open and to clean them from the outer side. It is also the moment when the first garden maintenance should take place outdoors and yet that`s only a hint of what`s to come.

There are so many things to clean outdoors that a quick schedule or a cleaning checklist is always useful, especially for a big house with a big outdoor garden. The porch, the terrace or the balcony are also places that you don`t want to miss, because they may require a full weekend for deep cleaning. Rinse thoroughly the wooden decks and walkways with water, but first - a quick hosing with soapy water and shampoo is essential to restore its original clean look. The gutters and all the major objects on the rooftop are some of the first things to clean in order to prevent spreading dirt onto the already cleaned areas. Check out for a proper clearance between the walls of the house and the trees. Trim the branches in the early springtime if needed when they still have no leafs. Then, the window frames and all the objects in the outdoor garden should be checked for any needs of repairs or adjustments. Before placing the furniture outdoors - clean them individually and make sure that they are in a good condition for the long summer season. There are only a few examples of all the objects to put high on the agenda for the outdoor house cleaning.

Take a look at some important tips and tricks too:

- A thorough inspection of every object and area is the key for a better assessment of its condition, functionality, degree of staining, etc. Such a quick and simple inspection will help you with the right choice of cleaning detergents and tools if you plan to do it by yourself, as well as what professional cleaning services are required for the heavily stained objects.

- Begin the cleaning from the upper parts of the house such as the roof and the gutters, and finish with the objects on the floor and with the floors themselves. This will prevent spreading of dirt and dust on the already cleaned areas.

- Plan the outdoor house cleaning at least a week before the perfect moment. Take your free time and don`t rush, but a greater idea is to put high on the agenda the objects that require more time for drying. What better way to save time, than waiting for the textile floor coverings to dry naturally while meanwhile cleaning the windows!

- Check out the weather forecast to make sure that there is a low risk of unexpected surprises like rains or strong winds. It will definitely help choose the perfect moment for outdoor cleaning.

The garden cleaning plays a major role when it comes to the outdoor areas. Thus, another great tip is to make a tool kit for gardening in advance. Make sure to have all the important items and tools, and check out their proper condition. The right cleaning detergents and compounds are the most important tools that you should have. Every specific item can be cleaned perfectly with the right detergent, while the outdoor garden and the adjacent areas usually see the vastest variety of objects and surfaces. From iron benches, to wooden cabinets, tables and sitting benches – all the surfaces need their own cleaning detergents for a better cleansing. The perfect polishing compounds and waxes are also items that you want to have in your tool kit for cleaning.

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