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Which Material Is More Suitable for Roof Gutter, PVC or Aluminum?

There are so many reasons why your home and your roof need gutters. First of all, it helps funnel the water properly, thus creating a safe passage for the rainwater. This allows you to redirect it away from garden beds or cracks in which it can freeze, causing expansion and, thus, property damage. It also protects your home’s siding; it keeps your basement flood-free (by redirecting the water to your drainage system instead). Not to mention the fact that the right roof gutters may substantially contribute to your home’s visuals.

The problem with this issue, however, doesn’t lie in the question of whether you should have the gutters, to begin with. Of course, you should. The real question is what type of material is optimal for your roof gutters. Most commonly, people either opt for PVC or aluminum, both of which have their advantages and downsides. Speaking of which, here are several things you need to consider in order to get an answer to this question.

1. Advantages and disadvantages

The first thing we have to address here are both the advantages and disadvantages of these materials. First of all, vinyl is cheaper and easier to install, which is quite convenient for those on a budget. This, however, is only the case if you don’t take the duration of works into consideration. Aluminum lasts considerably longer, which means that you could also calculate the cost per year. PVC is much lighter, which is quite handy during the installation, however, this also means that if there’s a thick, heavy layer of snow, things might not hold up (although this is not always the case).  

2. How to install

Previously, we’ve discussed the fact that these two types of roof gutters differ in difficulty of installment, still, this is only due to their properties, not because they require different installation processes. In both cases, you have to measure the roof in order to see how much gutter you need (the cost is determined per foot). Next, you get to mark the starting point of the gutter run and determine the end-point (using a 1.3 cm downward slope). Once you’ve set it up, attach the downspout outlet and caps and mount the gutters. Once it’s all in its place, proceed to attach the downspout to the gutters and make sure that you direct the end towards the drainage.  

3. Why Aluminum should be replaced by PVC

All thing considered, a lot of homes that were built a while back have aluminum gutters, even today when it’s more than obvious that PVC is simply more pragmatic. Plastic doesn’t rust, it doesn’t corrode and due to the fact that it’s much easier for maintenance, even homeowners with aluminum gutters should consider gutter replacements in order to install PVC. By having the works done by professionals instead of going for a DIY replacement, you can get a 5 years guarantee, as well as have your gutters fully insured. Not to mention that the end result will be more impressive, to begin with.

In conclusion

As you can see, the advantages of both these materials are quite situational. If heavy snowfall is a common occurrence in your region and your goal is to have the construction that’s as durable and pressure-resistant as possible, then you should clearly go for aluminum. Also, if you want to install these gutters now and not have to worry about them for the next two decades, this might be the best course

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