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Glass arts and exterior decorations have always been appreciated by homeowners and in business establishments. These days glass glazing services are the most in demand due to many associated benefits. There are several commercial glass companies who offer top quality services to their clients. Glazing services help in bringing a completely different look to panels, partitions, shower screens. It also balances light and privacy in a perfect harmony.

Various Types of Glass Glazing and Their Usefulness:        

Besides its extraordinary effect, glass glazing has many useful aspects of it. Different kinds of glass glazing help with various requirements.

  • Low-emissivity glass – Its transparent coating allows the warmth of the sun to get into the room which improves insulation.
  • Decorative glass – Creates a luxurious effect to a room, whether it is small or large.
  • Solar control glass – This glass is convenient to use in conservatories as it reflects the sun and the glare is reduced.
  • Acoustic glass – This kind of glass helps in reducing the noise level by preventing sound and vibration travelling through it. It is useful when you live in a noisy place and you need to concentrate.
  • Self-cleaning glass – Its coating breaks down dirt to let it be cleaned with rain easily. This glass is perfect for windows and roof lights, where you cannot reach easily to clean them.
  • Triple glazing – It helps to hold in more heat. Thus, if you are looking forward to adding warmth and comfort, triple glazing glass is something which you need.
  • Safety glass – It can be used as fire glass. This type of glass is often used as a safety glass and is one of the most in-demand services.

When you get glass glazing services for your home, keep these points in mind to get better results.

  • To make a small place brighter and look bigger, a glass panel or wall may be installed. Similarly, there may be glass partitions in bigger rooms.
  • Glass with a decorative pattern is great between two rooms that are related to each other, like the kitchen and dining room or study and living room. It offers privacy to the residents.
  • Opaque glass is convenient for bathroom and shower areas. Detailed patterned glass can bring out this opacity very well.

The Process of Glazing:

For glass glazing purposes, companies use several tools, which are usually a putty knife and a utility knife. Required materials are glazing points, glazing putty, latex caulk and window glass.

Following steps are to be taken one by one:

  • Firstly, the old chunks of glazing putty are removed with the putty knife.
  • The old glass is replaced with a new glass and the new glass is set.
  • Then the new compound putty is spread and smoothened.
  • In the end, the excess parts are scraped carefully without touching the smooth surface of the glass.

With this procedure, single and double pane windows and doors can be glazed. However, there are risks doing this at home. If not skilled, glass can be damaged and compound putty can go to waste. Moreover, there are other glass glazing types that cannot be done without professional help. So, it is better to seek assistance from glass companies for their service.

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