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Why you need a whole house water filter in your home

It seems like everyone today is worried about the quality of water coming into their homes.  Whether you are on city water or a private well you may be wondering what is in that water and is it safe to drink.  First, you need to see if you are on city water or on a private well.   If you are on city water than the first thing to worry about is chlorine and chlorine by-products.   Chlorine is added to the water to kill bacteria and make it portable for drinking but can cause the water to taste bad and produce a byproduct when it reacts with inorganics which can be bad for you. 

If you have a dull taste to your water it is likey the chorine dulling the taste and smell.  The solution?  a simple whole-home carbon filter system.

Activated carbon is basically burnt shells that adsorb the chemicals and improve the overall taste and smell of the water.   Carbo filters are very popular and do an amazing job filtering any water contaminants commonly found on city tap water.  

Now if you are on a private well that's when things get tricky.  If you are living a rural life you may find yourself pulling the water in your home from a local well that is up to you to make sure is quality water.  It recommended for all private well homeowners to get their water tested at least every couple years to make sure nothing has found it was into the well water.  local runoff and chemicals are very much a concern for private wells as most wells can be anywhere from great spring water or have a multitude of water quality issues as well as organics like nitrates iron (rust stains) and hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor).  

Sediments are also an issue for both well and city water.  A simple string wound or melt-blown sediment filter will help with fine sediment, rust, and debris in the water.  When you put in a sediment filter you will be amazed by how dark the white filter is after some use.  You will have no idea that that much dirt is in your drinking water.   You will be shocked!

Getting a quality well water system is the thing to get after you tested your water and you how or what to treat.   And who knows you may end up with great water that you don't need to treat.  But its always better to have peace of mind with private wells.

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