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Why Your House Is Always Dusty and What to Do about It

If you’re constantly battling dust inside your home, you might have conditions indoors that foster it. Dust is not a single thing. It’s composed of all kinds of particles, the largest of which is lint. Smaller particles inside your home may also be in abundance that attach themselves to the lint, creating a noticeable coating on surfaces.

Lots of Carpets and Upholstery

Homes that have a lot of fibers and fabric inside them tend to have higher levels of dust. Fibers are constantly shedding and they combine with dead skin cells, animal fur and dander, dust mites, pollen, and mold spores to make dust.

If you want to cut down on the dust load, vacuum weekly with a vacuum cleaner high-efficiency (high efficiency particulate air) filter. It will trap the particles in the bag instead of blowing them out through the pores. You should also avoid sweeping and vacuum instead. Sweeping stirs up the fine dust particles instead of eliminating them.

Air Filters

Running your HVAC system with a dirty filter will increase the amount of dust in the air and on your furniture. Besides making it harder to clean, it also increases your heating and cooling bills since a dirty filter increases the time it takes to cool or heat your home.

During the times when your heating and cooling system are running often, check the filter monthly and replace it when it’s dirty. The dust load indoors will go down and your air quality will improve.

Dirty Air Ducts

Take a look inside the air ducts to see how much dust has collected inside them over time. Although most of the air that passes through the ducts comes from the air handler’s filter, it’s possible for airborne particulates to collect inside the ducts when your HVAC system is sitting idle.

You can also request a ductwork inspection at the same time you schedule your annual air conditioning maintenance visit. HVAC technicians use special tools to look inside the ducts and verify their condition.

Indoor/Outdoor Pets

Don’t understate your cat’s or dog’s ability to bring in their fair share of dust and dirt. When they lay on the ground, their fur picks up whatever is on the surface. The best way to prevent them from adding extra dust and dirt to your home is to brush them before they enter and in the case of dogs, bathe them.

Bottom Line

The sources of dust indoors can come from all the fibers inside your home and the airborne particulates that occur naturally. Except under unusual conditions, it is possible to lower the dust load by tending to your cooling system’s air filter and avoiding sources of dust.

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