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Seeing the pictures of Nemo's effects on the Northeast may be enough to make you second-guess building in an area subject to extreme weather. But ample snow can be manageable with the right design in mind.

Snowfall and its relation to the site should be a major point of consideration at the onset of the design process. Many people may try to take a plan and just put it on the site, instead of making adjustments, which can result in water issues in the home or drainage around the home. You need to figure out how you’re going to address issues of drainage, whether from snow melting and coming down the hill, or coming off the roof and draining around the home. Without such plans in place, drainage issues can result in mold or water leakage that will likely require require heavy maintenance and reparation jobs.

Snowloads are also a factor for many mountain homes, with proper support needed to hold up to 300 pounds of snow in some areas and a properly pitched roof to shed it. But you should also need to consider where the snow is going to drop to prevent it from impeding access to exterior doors around the home. Make sure your outdoor spaces are built with the proper support can withstand heavy snowloads as well.

Proper roof insulation will also assist in dealing with the extreme mountain climate. Local builders should be up to speed on what local codes dictate.

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