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A look at some of the no-fuss wood treatment options available for preserving your home’s logs.

There’s a myth floating around that log homes are somehow challenging to maintain and therefore consume hours upon hours of our time and even elbow grease. This is nonsense—and a notion that’s probably perpetuated by someone selling condos or stick-built homes. The bottom line is that log homes require the same amount of time and care than any conventional home, and some might argue that they require even less.

As you might guess, most of our focus revolves around preserving the wood.

As soon as a tree is harvested, it runs up against forces such as water, sun, fungi, mildew and insects. Throw in seasonal temperature swings, which cause wood to swell and shrink, and you’re left with issues that can impact the health of your logs.

Now the good news: Manufacturers have created hundreds of protective products that shield the wood on your castle from the elements. Designed to protect your new home, these treatments come in liquid, powder or solid form, and they serve different functions. Some seal out moisture, some block the sun, and some discourage bugs and fungi.

How It Works

Treatment to protect your logs can begin before construction starts and should continue for the life of the home. Here are the most common techniques:

For the 7 steps on how to treat and preserve your log home's wood, visit!

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