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Ok, guess we got lazy once we finally moved in and haven't uploaded any pics or comments in awhile!  Oops.

So, we put up some pics to show our progress.  We don't have much left inside.  We need to tile a shower and finish the basement steps and that's about it!  We do have lots to do outside though, lots of landscaping, walls to build, driveways to top, grass to plant, porches to build, porch ceilings and more.

Since we last posted, we have made lots of progress. We've been in since June, had our first Christmas and all in all haven't had any major issues.  You'll see we posted a few pics.  We've done railings in the house out of 4x4 pine and placed goat fencing in between the rails.  We decided this looked rustic, met code and still lets it really open to look through.

We got all our trim hung.  We used reclaimed red pine we got out of a torn down building. We left the window sills really thick and all the trim is fairly rough.  You can tell its reclaimed by the nail holes and different holes and other interesting things you can see. It turned out really great and we are real happy.  It matched the walls and floors great.

We also took an antique wash table and put a free standing copper bowl on it and put it in the powder room.  I couldn't bring myself to cut the drawer around the drain line, so we have our kitchen man doing it.  He's also going to build a towel rack for it to make it look original.  It looks awesome.

We also had the basement dry-walled for code.  Decided that was a job better suited for the pros. They came in and were done in no time at all. We'd still be down there messing around.  We took a weekend then and painted everything and it looks pretty good.  Also got the drop ceiling done in the garage and it really brought things together.  All that's left in the basement is the steps and a little trim work.

Other than that, we've been relaxing a little too much probably, but spring is just around the corner.  Stopped at the quarry and looked at some stone for building some retaining walls.  Just need a little dry weather and hopefully we can start on that project soon.  Once done, then we can get the topsoil down and grass planted! Hopefully by fall things will be looking pretty good around here! Take care.

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